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Released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1987, Bad Street Brawler is one of the earliest side scrolling beat-'em-up games ever made. It was one of the only two NES games to be developed specifically for use with the Power Glove (the other one being Super Glove Ball). Many people consider it to be one of the worst side scrolling beat-'em-up games ever produced; notably, this game was featured as #16 in Seanbaby's top 20 worst games of all time.

The main character, Duke Davis, is dressed in a yellow tank top, yellow daisy dukes, and sports a pair of cheesy 80's sunglasses (admittedly appropriate for the era the game came out in). He is the self-proclaimed "world's coolest martial artist". Enemies in the game range from gorillas to old ladies who throw pocket books. Before the start of each stage, poorly-written quotes appear; for example, "Never trouble trouble unless trouble troubles you."

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