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Are you a bad enough dude?

Released in 1988 (when Ronald Reagan was still actually president of the United States), Bad Dudes vs. Dragon Ninja is a 2-D side scrolling beat 'em up in the same vein as Final Fight, Kung Fu or Double Dragon.

However, by the time of the NES/Famicom release Reagan was no longer President, and has been replaced accordingly with George Bush. In the game's attract mode, players see the statement: "The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the president?"

Players, as protagonists Blade and Stryker (who were named unironically), can use knives and nunchaku to fight their way through levels, collecting power-ups along the way in the form of soda to refill lost life or clocks to add time.At the end of each level is a boss character.

Stage NameDescription
Stage 1: The streets of a city
The boss is Karnov.
Stage 2: On top of a speeding "Dudes" truck
The boss is a clawed ninja named "Nenail".
Stage 3: The sewers
At this point in the Famicom version of the game, the bosses begin to threaten the player before the beginning of the stage. The boss is a ninja named "Hanzo", a master of creating illusion copies of himself.
Stage 4: A forest
The boss is a gigantic man named "Animal", who is decidedly un-ninja-like.
Stage 5: A train

Karnov appears again in this stage, recoloured blue in the NES/Famicom version. Amusingly, he also turns blue in the Karnov game when he has been hit once.

The boss is a warrior named "Killer Joe" who wields a claw on the end of a chain.

Stage 6: Caves
The boss is Kon Bousai.
Stage 7: The Dragon Ninja's HQ
All of the earlier bosses are fought a second time, with the finale being against the leader of the Dragon Ninja, coincidentally called "Dragon Ninja" himself, on a helicopter.

Endurance Run

During the Quick Look of DataEast Arcade Classics, Jeff and Vinny played through the entire Bad Dudes campaign.

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