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A typical Klapton soldier.
A typical Klapton soldier.

Taking place in the galaxy of Andromeda, Roddy and Cathy (two top Space Bounty Hunters) are attempting to capture the leaders of "Force Klapton", a group of space pirates who have taken over the various planets in the system.

There are four basic planets to start from (Forest, Fire, Ice, and Wind); the player can pick any stage where they choose to start, although the Forest world is the easiest. Each planet is controlled by a different leader of Force Klapton.

  • Forest World: Sly
  • Ice World: Misty
  • Wind World: Bigman
Fire World: Burn

Captain Klapton... obviously. (Note: It's a toupee!)
Captain Klapton... obviously. (Note: It's a toupee!)

After the initial four stages are completed, the players advance to Captain Klapton's battleship. Each of the previous bosses is fought again (albeit in new vehicles). At the end, Captain Klapton himself challenges the players. Each stage contains a bonus round where the player rides collects items and time.

  • Coin: Increases your score.
  • Special Coin: Increases your score by a larger margin.
  • Crystal: Increases your score by an even larger margin.
  • Time: Adds 5 seconds to the clock.
  • Super Time: Adds 20 seconds to the clock.
  • Food: Restores lost energy.
  • Rifle: Pick up to shoot enemies!
  • Power Up: Powers up Roddy or Cathy's special attacks.
  • Robo Vehicle: A mech that the player can jump in and pilot.

The Protagonists:

Roddy's father is from the planet Asta, and his mother is a human.  Because of his Asta heritage, his limbs are capable of stretching.
Height: 160cm
Weight: 52kg
Place of Origin: Planet Asta
Likes: Hamburgers
Hates: The Klaptons

Roddy's partner from Earth. She uses a "chain saucer" as a weapon.
Height: 159cm
Weight: 4?kg
From: Earth
Likes: Money
Dislikes: Spiders

Both Roddy and Cathy have a number of fighting-game style special moves they can perform (I.E., qcf attack  results in a projectile)

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