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Kai Leng is an ex N7 operative - discharged and jailed after murdering a Krogan in a bar with nothing but a knife. While incarcerated, he was recruited by The Illusive Man and has served as his "wet work" operative under Cerberus since. Most notably, among the names of people murdered by him is a daughter of the pirate queen Aria T'loak.

Mass Effect 3

Kai Leng in action.
Kai Leng in action.

Leng is first encountered during the Cerberus invasion on the Citadel. His main directive is the assassination of the Salarian councilor. Depending on the choices that you make in Mass Effect 2, Thane will arrive to protect the councilor or the councilor dies at the hands of Leng. Ultimately he fails in killing the rest of the Citadel council by Shepard's actions.

Leng continues to be a threat through out the game.

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