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Aria became the leader of Omega after stealing the job from the Patriarch, an elderly Krogan. Aria keeps the Krogan around as a sign to others what will become of them if they try to overthrow her. This strong and powerful Krogan was toppled by a harmless little old Asari...and that's just the way Aria wants it to look. Aria and the Patriarch have a history dating to around a century before Aria overthrew the krogan, assuming control of the club.

Aria conversing with Shepard on her couch

Aria is very up-to-date on any rumors and events happening on Omega to an extent such as the final stand of Archangel in the apartment he has garrisoned and fights from. Her intelligence network is not flawless however, as a side quest would prove, some things do not get detected until they are in later stages or information is either leaked, stolen or beaten out of people, information regarding plans such as assassination attempts detailed on a merc PDA readable by the player.

The player may inform Aria of the plan to which she rewards Shepard with co-ordinates to one of the Eclipse Merc group's storage facilities that may be visited as part of a side quest or by discovering the facility as an planetary anomaly through orbital scanning.

It is revealed in the Mass Effect spin-off novel Mass Effect: Retribution that Aria has a daughter named Liselle.


Aria's voice was provided by Carrie Anne-Moss.

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