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Kasson Crooker joined Harmonix during its early years, contributing both audio design and original music for the studio's breakout 2001 rhythm game FreQuency. Performing as DJ HMX, Symbion Project, Komputer Kontroller, and Cosmonaut Zero, his work made up a significant portion of the soundtrack for both FreQuency and its sequel Amplitude. He was also a member of synthpop band Freezepop, whose music would consistently appear in these and multiple other Harmonix games over the next decade.

By 2007, Crooker had transitioned to a production role at Harmonix, mainly being credited for project direction although still continuing to perform on soundtracks with Freezepop.

In 2009, Crooker retired from Freezepop to focus on his production duties at Harmonix and his solo work as Symbion Project.

In late 2013, Crooker left his job at Harmonix and moved to Seattle, where he accepted a job at Microsoft's Devices and Studios division's Incubation Group as Central Audio Innovation Director.

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