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A typical Katamari

Literally translating into "clump" or "clod" in Japanese, the Katamari is a fantastically powerful device that is able to pick up just about any object it touches (even pink sky gods). While it can initially only pick up objects smaller than itself, the more objects it collects, the larger it becomes, thereby letting it collect objects of increasing mass. This allows it to gather everything from thumbtacks to major land masses. Principally, the Katamari is used to collect a variety of objects, increase its mass, and is then given over to the King of All Cosmos, who will judge the Katamari (and the character that rolled it) based on its size. If the King decides the Katamari is grand enough, he will turn it into a star to replace one of the many he accidentally destroyed at the beginning of Katamari Damacy. The Katamari comes in a variety of sizes and colorful patterns, and can be rolled around by the Prince or any one of his many cousins.

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