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Young Marlowe during the flashback chapters of the story.
Young Marlowe during the flashback chapters of the story.

Voiced by and modelled after British actress Rosalind Ayres. Marlowe is the current head of a long-hidden English cult known by many names including the Hellfire Club and The Golden Dawn. She inherits the work of Sir Francis Drake, John Dee, and other conspirators.

Marlowe's objective in the game is to claim the ring of Sir Francis Drake, Nathan Drake's apparent ancestor. The ring, combined with a ancient decoder, allows a person to follow the trail of Drake and Lawrence of Arabia to the fabled Iram of the Pillars. Soon enough, Marlowe takes to simply allowing Drake to solve things for her until the city's location is revealed. Once inside, she attempts to pull up an ancient jar supposedly filled with evil Djinn but more likely containing a dangerous chemical weapon. Drake and Sully foil her plan and she is consumed in a pool of quicksand as the city collapses.

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