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Kieta Princess is a game that was released only in Japan for the Famicom Disk System, the disc-based peripheral for the Famicom. Its name essentially means "Kidnapped Princess" or "Vanishing Princess". The player is a detective searching for clues to the eponymous princess' disappearance.


Stages are split between maze-like action stages full of ladders and enemies and a world map, which lets you walk around towns and interrogate different people for information, as well as enter buildings. Like River City Ransom, there's a considerable amount of things you can do besides searching for the princess - such as eating in restaurants, training in dojos and selling items you collect. There's also a clock that counts down in real-time that changes the map from day to night.

The game was originally released with a story book and audio cassette tape, "feelies" which enhanced the player's understanding and appreciation of the game's plot as well as helping with some of the puzzles. There is a considerable amount of Japanese dialogue within the game proper, so only someone fluent in the language will be able to progress.

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