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A Relic of the Past 0

He doesn't even have that cute platformer look - he's far too pointy / grumpy. Much like the make up of the game’s titular star Knack is a relic of the past. Its an action, platformer which creates the impression that it could have been released around say 2002. Rather bafflingly Knack is plagued with many of the same problems as those early 3D action-platforming hybrids, its got a bland and flat set of characters (although all of them excluding the starring character Knack are filled out ...

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What happens when you take the platforming out of the platformer? 0

What is left after you take nearly all of the platforming out of Crash Bandicoot, and instead pump up the combat difficulty unnecessarily? Well, you probably guessed Knack, and you’d be right. Knack is such a bizarre game. It bills itself as an action platformer, although it has almost no platforming, and when it does it is ludicrously simple. The platforming, then, is in stark contrast to the often frustratingly difficult combat the game is packed to the brim with. What’s more, Knack is pitched...

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Knack is a simple, stripped-down platformer. Sadly it was stripped of the semblance of being good game. 0

It's unfortunate that the 3D-platforming genre has fallen by the wayside over the last generation. Obviously Nintendo has been going strong in that department, and every now and then a new Ratchet and Clank game drops, but the last 8 years weren't as welcoming to new additions as the PS2/Gamecube era. But now we have Knack, joining the great pantheon of console launch platformers by being the PS4's premiere platformer. It's the directorial project from industry veteran Mark Cerny, who had a hand...

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Let's get knackered! 0

From the second Mark Cerny revealed Knack I knew exactly what to expect from it; an old school Playstation game that seemed to recreate a certain type of feel that belonged to specific PS1 platform games like Ape Escape and the original Crash Bandicoot to name a few. But just to be clear: Knack isn’t really a platform game. Knack is actually a somewhat challenging beat ‘em up that might look like a friendly kids game on the outside but don’t let the look deceive you. Knack is t...

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A launch game 0

Not a perfect game but I did enjoy it for the most part.I think the difficulty of this game has been massively overstated, most levels I only died a few times, one-shoted a few bosses, once you figure out the patterns it's very easy to do what you need to do.The loot aspect was unexpected and when the loot was flowing it was exciting, there are a few very long stretches that had no loot and those parts of the game were the worst.The story had some unbelievably stupid moments, nonsense, and stuff...

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5/10 0

+ Neat tech demo: particle effects, reflections, nice lighting-Very basic combat.-Few enemy types.-Basic and repetitive level design.-Uncanny animation: realistic mo-cap with exaggerated cartoon-like designs is very jarring.-Goofy nonsensical story: flips between lighthearted and dramatic depending on whats necessary for the scene, makes for an overall poor and unnatural narrative. ...

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