Play from Hard Drive?

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I found this game at Walmart for 10 DOLLARS! I only got it for SOTN, considering it's 10 dollars anyway and I like having hard copies of my games. But I installed the game and everytime I play it the disc spins, like there is no option to play it from the hard drive in the Game Library. Anyone know what I should do?

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Well you did buy a, like you said "hard copy" so now you have to insert that "hard copy" whenever you wanna play it, if the box only included a redeemable code for the games then it would go to your hard drive as a "digital copy". If you install Mass Effect 2 to your hard drive u still have to put in the disc this is how Microsoft knows that you own the game and didn't rent it, install it and then just returned it.

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@SolidOcelot: No that's not what I mean... I've been installing games ever since the option was available.. What I mean is that after I finish installing it, and when I go into game library (with the disc in the tray), there is no option to play from the hard drive. When I press Play game, the disc starts spinning and that's how the game is.
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Are you sure it's reading from the disc? It will still spin it initially to make sure you put the disc in, but after that you should only hear the fans. Do you hear the laser still moving around when the game is on a loading screen? That's the best sign to know that it is actually reading from the disc.

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@Kyle: I'm absolutely Positive it's spinning the disc, because I try to use the disc as less as possible so it won't overheat. I've been doing this since November 2008 when the option was available. I have uninstalled and re-installed the game but it still reads it from the disc, there is no option for "Play Game form Hard Drive." 
The laser isn't going all the time, but i'm sure the game is spinning. It's pretty loud.
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And I just checked Splinter Cell, the game I currently have installed - There is no "play from hard drive" option, but when i select "play game", it plays from the hard drive. I think they may have changed the "play from hard drive" option to simply "play game" in the last system update. I would assume this is because you can now also play games from USB drives, not just the hard drive. 

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I will fool around with it some more and post back to see if it works.

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@xyzygy:  Well, playing from the hard drive won't keep it from overheating, but it will prevent the disc drive from wearing out.
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@Kyle: Yep, when I press just play game it stills spins. I can hear it very clearly. It doesn't make any sense to me. I have tried pressing "Play Game" from the first tab on the My Xbox row, and I've also tried it under the Game Library tab. Still the disc spins.
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Does anybody have a solution to this? I must not have been the only person to buy this game.

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