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Super Metroid

Kraid's Lair is located in the outskirts of the Brinstar region of the planet Zebes. It can be accessed by shooting a super missile block located on the right-hand wall in the elevator shaft that leads to Upper Norfair. In normal play, the Hi-Jump Boots are required in order to jump up to the platform that leads into Kraid's Lair. However, it can be accessed without the Hi-Jump Boots by wall jumping.

Kraid's Lair features signature curvy spikes

Kraid's Lair has a unique appearance that combines the blocky/industrial appearance of Lower Brinstar with the green color and vines that appear in Upper Brinstar. Deeper inside, large curvy spikes that are unique to Kraid's Lair can be seen. The area as a whole is very small, featuring only a few rooms.

Just before the entrance to the room where Kraid resides, bugs that are feeding on the corpse of an unknown marine can be seen. There have been a few theories as to how the marine was killed, but what exactly killed the marine is unclear. One theory states that the marine was killed by Kraid and tossed out of the room, another theory states that he was killed by the Gadora that guards Kraid's domain.

Once the Gadora is defeated, the entrance to Kraid's domain opens allowing Samus to fight Kraid. Kraid's domain is large to compensate for his massive size. When Samus first enters the room it appears to be empty, with nothing but spikes on the ground. However, after a few seconds the ground will begin to rumble and Kraid rises up from underneath the spikes standing two screens tall. After Kraid has risen, platforms will appear in the room to help Samus defeat Kraid. After Kraid is defeated, the adjacent room opens allowing Samus to collect the Varia Suit.

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