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Krew was the major crime lord of Haven City. His first appearance was in Jak 2. He's is such rotund man with tiny legs that he is unable to walk. He uses a levitation ring around his midsection so he can move around.

After Jak's escape from Haven City Prison. He went to Krew to try and get information so he could get into the palace of Haven City. Doing missions for Krew in Haven City is what earns Jak many of his weapon upgrades.


Little has ever been learned about Krew's long time history, but when he was running the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon. There was a large portrait on the wall that appears to depict a younger, slightly slimmer Krew as a wrestler. His career as a wrestler seems to be supported by the mini wrestling ring in the middle of the saloon.

Hip Hog Heaven Saloon

Krew owns a saloon called the Hip Hog. The bar acts as a hub for many racing and Metalhead based missions. After Krews defeat it becomes the Naughty Ocelet" which is owned by Daxter.

Boss Battle

Krew is one of the last and most difficult boss battles in Jak II.

Jak X: Combat Racing

Despite his demise in the Jak 2 game. Krew makes posthumous appearance in Jak X: Combat Racing. Some time before his death at Jak's hands. He had created a will and a plot to coerce Jak and others to win the Kras City Tournament for him. Before the digital will was shown he had instructed his daughter, Rayn, to have everyone drink from a special wine. The wine had been laced with a deadly Nightshade poison. It was a slow acting poison, and they could only get the cure if they were to win the race.

In the end, this all proved to of been a plot that actually did involve his daughter. After Jak and the team won the tournament. Daxter accidentally reactivated the digital will, and the first part of the original will was played. In it Krew advised his daughter that if she was to pour her glass first. She wouldn't be infected with any of the actual poison.

With the Kras City crime lord, Mizo, defeated and Krew long dead. Rayn was now the one in charge of the criminal organizations of both Haven and Kras City.

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