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Kross is a "soft spoken" carpenter/ runaway military general from Rune Factory Frontier.

Finding Him:

Kross lives in the South District that is to the left of your home on a hill he is available to meet at the start of the game. He spends most of his time around his home either inside, in his crop  field or on his roof doing repairs of some sort. On Holidays he tends wonder over to you fields in the morning then to church.

Birthday: Spring 2

Gift Information:

Favorite Item: Cat's Tail
Simple Gifts he likes: Milk , Turnips, Warrior Medal.
Hates: Curry Powder, Flour, avoid cooking materials oils.

Personality and Other:

Kross has a very depressing air to him he speaks very quietly and monotonically, he often sings and recites sad poems he learned from long ago to you.

You get the "Pet Glove" from him he is fond of monsters and tell you to befriend then.

He is very skilled at his job and his tables are littered with other building plans and works he study's and designs.
When you buy a building or remodel job from him it will be done instantly.

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