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Kliment Voroshilov Tank, at the time of its introduction in 1939 to about 1943, this was the mass produced tank with the heaviest gun and armor in the world. German tanks at the time of the invasion typically had guns like the 37mm on the Panzer III up to the short 75mm cannon found on the Panzer IV, the KV-1 tank however had a very effective 76mm cannon and the KV-2 which had a big square turret had a massive 150mm cannon. While slow and with restricted mobility, these tanks were virtually immune to german gun fire, only the famous 88mm flak cannon was able to penetrate their thick armor. In response to engagements with these tanks the German industry developed ever heavier tanks such as the Tiger and Tiger II, even extremely large tanks such as the Maus was under development. 
 The tanks were named after a russian politician who during the war became quite controversial and the last tank to bear his name was the KV-3. The Soviet Heavy tanks were then renamed IS which stood for Iosif Stalin.

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