Lars = metal version of J Mascis?

#1 Posted by ChocolateCoffin (221 posts) -

I think that they got the inspiration for Lars from guitar legend J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr fame. Just look at this pic.

J Mascis
#2 Posted by kajankua (306 posts) -

if you look a bit into death metal, you'll see ALOT of people looking like lars umlaut.

example: infernus from gorgoroth

#3 Posted by Xeno (148 posts) -

He always reminded me of a really fat member of Kiss.

#4 Posted by destruktive (1116 posts) -

black.. not death metal.

#5 Posted by Hexpane (1435 posts) -

J mascis is a guitar god!  My only complaint was he turns his volume up WAY too loud in some of the smaller clubs i've seen Dino J in

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