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 This is the last game of the Last Ninja series. The final combat between Armakuni, the Last Ninja, and his arch rival, the evil shogun Kunitoki, is drawing near. Although The Last Ninja destroyed all the reminders of the evil shogun's existence both at Lin Fen and in modern day New York, he is still troubled by the fact that the shogun had slipped through his grasp both times. He knows that it is just a question of time before he once again will have to fight the shogun and his henchmen again, the only question is where and when. Then, suddenly, the ninjitsu spirits summon upon him once again, and take him to an inaccessible Buddhist temple deep into Tibet. These temples are the very heart of Ninjitsu power, this is where the Ninja brotherhood draws its strength from. The shogun is trying to corrupt these temples, in order to destroy the powers twice denied him by Armakuni. In this beautiful and remote setting, the ninja both has to fence off the shogun's fierce and vigilant guards, and complete several puzzles that blocks his way on to the final stand-off between himself and his old adversary. The puzzles include picking up and combining objects, and also manipulating his surroundings so that he may complete his task. All this while the shogun waits for the time to come that he may complete his evil plans. Gameplay consists of the main character walking from screen toscreen collecting this, and using that, solving puzzles and kicking plentyof arses along the way. The levels are relatively simple layouts of about 20 screens viewed in a 3D isometric perspective, some levels aredeliberately complex mazes however. The rather clever control systemallows you to move the central character around his pseudo 3D universevery realistically and subtly.

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