LoL Pro Games -- Where to watch?

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I've been getting more and more into LoL lately and happened to watch all the replays of the pro games on MLG's website, but unfortunately there weren't that many. Is there anywhere else to watch pro game replays? Watching the MLG games was quite fun and I learned a few things while doing so, so I'd like to watch more if possible...

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You should check out , I'm sure you'll find something there :D

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check out lots of good guides and top streamers

#4 Posted by rb_man (494 posts) - I think they have must of the right to stream LOL or some thing but like 95% of then stream there I think it is over 75% of there traffic.

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you could check out they have links to a bunch of lol streamers along with some vods.

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Thanks, duders! I'll check these out.

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@rb_man: i think its cause they sponsor a lot of the major teams especially TSM and CLG

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@Odeeze: More then likely

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Was just about to post this very thread, so thanks, I guess.

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The tournaments will be located on the actual tournament site. The MLG VODs from Providence were up (I watched them) a few days after...but you might need a MLG subscription. Outside of that you should just do your best to keep up with the scene and catch them when they are streamed. Another great tournament was the one hosted by, which can be found at Those VODs should be up and easy to view.

As far as streaming, someone mentioned, sure you might find some on there. However most LoL players use for streaming. Espically the major streamers such as HotShotGG, SaintVicious, Ocelote, Chaox, Bigfatlp...etc. So what I would recommend is using a stream aggregator, such as the one over at - You can set your games for whatever you interested in and it will display all of the streamers in that category no matter the site. So you won't have to worry about checking both Twitch and Own3d to find a stream, they will all be on the same spot. Hope this helps.

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Solomid and CLG are the two main places to watch stuff.

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