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"The meaning of Lechku's name has long been lost by the Oina tribe. He is said to be one half of a duo banished by the sun long ago. Songs and folktales tell of him, but no documentation exists. The Oina regard such tales as unclean and have banned them." - Lechku's Bestiary Entry from Okami


Lechku, also known as the Golden Demon, is a boss character from Okami. He has a brother named Nechku, and together they make up the twin demons of Wawku Shrine. He's depicted in game as a mechanical owl creature with a top hat, monocle, and cane. A clock in his chest reflects his ability to manipulate time by stopping it entirely. 
Lechku's history is briefly touched on by Issun who explains that he once existed as a statue and came to life to terrorize the land long before the events of the game. He was defeated and sealed away by a hero from the Oina Tribe, only to break free much later due to Yami's growing influence. With his brother Nechku, they attempt to bury the Oina Tribe under ice and snow with a terrible blizzard. When Amaterasu confronts him, he fights alongside Nechku. He's one of the few bosses of the game that is only fought once.


Lechku has many attacks he can use against Amaterasu, most of them projectiles. He can use his hat to summon attacks from previous bosses in the game such as Ninetail's sword, the Spider Queen's eggs, Oki's Icicles, bombs, and an exploding giant bud. When he isn't throwing things he can swoop down and grab Amaterasu with his talons to inflict heavy damage. A special attack he has with Nechku makes time speed up and lets him spin around the battlefield like a top.

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