mikeinsc's LEGO Batman: The Video Game (Xbox 360) review

An Original Lego Game? Wow

 This actually is a different tact for the Lego series. This ISN'T a takeoff of the Batman movies (admittedly, they do have episodes where the main criminal does match the main villain in the first 3 movies) but, instead, unique stories based in the Batman universe.

One thing you quickly realize is that DC really does make terrible characters. I'm sorry, but the villains are lame beyond words. Mad Hatter? Seriously kids? Scarecrow? Weak, children. Weak.

DC's terrible characters aside, the game itself hits the usual Lego gameplay mechanics, with characters linked up by special characteristics. The visuals aren't as impressive, for me, as the Indiana Jones game --- but I did like the gimmick of playing the chapters as both heroes and villains. The stories are, well, bunk --- but outside of Dark Knight, Batman movies have always had crap stories. Don't know why it's so hard to make a good Batman story --- but, hey, we finally got a good Batman movie...the first one since the Genesis. I'd love Lego Superman so we can finally have a good Superman game...for the first time ever.

Audio and visuals are the usual Lego thing. And the bonus stages are actually pretty good. You do the usual "collect a million studs" thing --- but in one of them, you are basically doing a Super Mario Bros-style minigame. Nice touch, actually.

This is actually a little more enjoyable than Indiana Jones. A truly phenomenal game. Possibly the apex of this gamestyle.


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