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Larry's Quest Begins.
Larry's Quest Begins.

Leisure Suit Larry chronicles the (mis)adventures of Larry Laffer, an unemployed, virgin, computer programmer who sets out to have a wild night in the city of Lost Wages. The game was known for both its sexual subject matter, which was considered quite controversial, and its humor. The game was created by Al Lowe for Sierra On-Line, and is actually a remake of an earlier Sierra published text-based adventure game called Softporn. Leisure Suit Larry took the anonymous protagonist of Softporn and added graphics and humor while keeping most of the same basic puzzles intact.

Controversy and Age Check

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Upon release Sierra had no idea what to do with the racy title. The game was released without any advertisement from the company themselves. Furthermore many retailers refused to advertise the title either. In extreme cases some stores would even omit the game from sales charts. As a result the game severely under performed according to Sierra standards, and it was only a few years later when the game developed a cult following that the series became a success.

When the original EGA version was released, the game came with an "age check" to make sure that players were over 18. Rather than ask for a birthday however, the game instead asked several trivia questions that kids in the mid-1980s were unlikely to know the answers to. Unfortunately for gamers today the trivia check offers the oppisite problem-In general the trivia questions were based on real world events that occured in the 80's and in some cases the multiple choice answers may appear wrong to in hindsight. Fortunately, hitting ctrl-alt-x would bypass the age check, and go directly into the game.


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  • The original Softporn release was the only game Sierra published with no graphics.
  • Designer Al Lowe had gotten sick of generic "You can't do that" or "I don't understand" messages from parser engines, so he wrote a logging function into test copies of the game. This would keep track of all the commands that players entered that weren't understood by the system, which he could then go over later on and add funny responses to.
  • This game may well be the first to illustrate the benefits of safe sex.


Fawn (AGI Version)
Fawn (AGI Version)
Fawn (SCI Version)
Fawn (SCI Version)

Larry 1 has been released in two different editions. The original AGI version was a parser-based game that required players to use the keyboard to enter commands for Larry to perform (e.g. "pick up remote control").

The game was later remade using Sierra's SCI point and click system where icons docked at the top of the screen correspond to various actions. The graphics in the remake were also completely upgraded from the 16-color EGA original.


Larry Laffer: Our hero, Larry is after one thing...and he'll do whatever it takes to get it. The game is not over until you've capped the night off right.

Fawn: Fawn is often found at the disco. She loves dancing, presents, matrimony, and wine.

Eve: Eve spends her time in the hot tub of the penthouse suite at the casino. Her favorite fruit is obvious.

Ken Williams: Ken Williams is a pitchman. You must accomplish all of your goals to see his spiel.

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