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Lev Kravchenko is Nikita Dragovich's second-in-command, acting as the 'muscle' of their work. Kravchenko holds the rank of Colonel in the Red , and is shown repeatedly to be sadistic. He enjoys murder, and killing is an activity he partakes in with glee. Kravchenko remains mostly silent, following Dragovich's orders without question. Much like his commander, he loathes Viktor Reznov.

Kravchenko is far from intelligent, seeing only his next action. He does not consider actions beyond what is immediately clear. He is an of war, but not a commander. In 1968, Kravchenko sacrifices himself in an attempt to kill either Alex Mason or Frank Woods - his target is not clear, but when he realises he is going to die, he pulls the pin on a grenade, roaring "You will die with me!". Frank Woods throws him out a , sacrificing himself in order to save Mason.

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