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WTF? ...wait, I kinda like this thing! 1

Can I review something that is not really a game?  Well, I'm being charged for it, so I guess that’s a yes. I found myself purchasing this demoscene (unlike the other demoscenes I’ve heard about, this one is interactive) from PSN for about $2.99. So, the first thing I did was just watch the thing and then I interacted with it. Before I continue I have to say that although I enjoy art, I have little cultured in said area. Asa  demoscene, Linger in Shadows almost seems to offer an epoch of an al...

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This is one wierd, game? 0

Linger in Shadows is one of those games you buy for $3 of the PS store, not knowing really what you are going into even. It starts out playing a movie of some sort with pretty good looking graphics. Then it will stop every once and a while and you have to push some buttons or move to SIXAXIS. You can interact with this black smoke while the video plays, and a lot of weird stuff is happening during the video too, a stoner or drugie could probably be occupied fairly easy with this one. This so cal...

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Linger in artsy fartsy 0

Wait... What? I don't... even... Linger in Shadows is an art "video game" from Plastic. It's $2.99 on the PSN and the game itself lasts about 30 minutes. The whole game you rewind and fast forward through this trippy area of different crazy things going on, you can also look around while doing this (this is how you get the trophies). That's it. How far can artsy games like this go, seriously. Flower was pushing it, but at least it had levels and some sort of progression; this is an i...

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Linger in Shadows 3

What the fuck is Linger in Shadows? It's a like a game, but you don't do anything. Linger in Shadows is a demoscene. A demoscene is usually a non interactive video that shows visuals and plays music. Yes, Linger in Shadows is one but it goes off that path. It's a demoscene that you interact with, which is where it differs. The devs Plastic have made a hell of a downloadable game.   I'm a big fan of the art style There's really no story to speak of in Linger in Shadows. I guess you could say ...

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