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This game is so much more than just a platformer


That is Sony's and Media Molecule's moto with this game. And, for the most part, all 3 of these parts of the game succeed in what they try to do.

So, while the game is based mostly on customization of the LBP community there is still about 50+ levels made by the Media Molecule crew. There are 5-6 "sections" that have 3 or 4 levels a piece. You'll go into a city, a desert, a frozen wilderness, and some other things. The levels all have a wide variety. Basically the 3 things you do in the game is run, jump, and grab. You'll grab onto hanging objects to make it across a gap that would otherwise be impossible to get over. You'll grab blocks of sponge or cardboard to jump onto, which will allow you to jump over a wall that is b

You can decorate your pod however you want.
locking your path. Another fun mechanic they put into LBP is the jetpack. This will allow you to fly around in a level. You might have to use it to drop weights into a container, causing a door to open, or use it to carry bombs and break open a path. Some of these levels are well lit with bright colors, others will have skulls and other frightening objects floating around with a very dark and scary atmosphere. These levels are on the short side, but can be replayed time and time again to collect all the items in them, which can then be used in making your own LBP level. LBP also has trophies, so that should keep you busy for a while. There are tons of items in this game. Tons. Some level have 50, 60, even 70 items to collect. You'll have to be rather clever to find some of them, and you'll be placing a lot of stickers to be able to gain acce ss to some hidden objects. You can also earn objects and stickers by collecting all the items in the level, and beating the level without dying. Also, these levels are so much more fun with a buddy, and there are items you can only get with a friends. Online or local, either way, it's a blast. The online has a few issues though, mainly with the camera. If you get to far out you won't be able to see yourself, then you'll be given about 10 seconds to get back on the screen, and if you don't you will die and restart at the last activated checkpoint. Also, don't assume these levels will be a walk in the park, because they aren't. You may think, "Oh, it's a casual game, this will be a piece of cake, no challenge at all," well, that is not true at all. Some of these levels can be ridiculously frustrating, and you'll find yourself dying a lot.
The creation tool is more in-depth than it appears.

The second, an d probably most important aspect of LBP is create. Now the creator is extremely vast and has many many things you can do with it, but before you can do anything, you have to go through about 25 tutorials, which are pretty informative, but you'll be asking yourself when the hell am I going to get to create?? It's not exactly too simple either. It can be simple, yes, if you just want to make a little level with not much of an effort, but if you really want to push the customizing mechanics of the game, you can really get in depth. You can take materials to build what your heart desires, and then you can take these and place them into your level for others to find, and then they can use them in there own levels. There are switches and buttons that can pretty much do anything. They can open a door for you, cause a platform to raise up, open a trap door, cause a circular grabbable object to start spinning, it's pretty much and endless list. You can create a 15-minute-full-fledged-hard-as-nails level, or you can create a short and addicting mini-game. Also, there are a lot of possibilities for multiplayer puzzles. You'll be ha ving a lot of fun experimenting with this.

There sooo cute.
When you have finished your level, and have tested it and are sure it works perfectly(don't want any impo ssible jumps, or gaps you can get stuck in.)you can upload it for other fellow sackboys to play. When they finish playing it they can rate it, tag it, and comment on it. They can also heart it, which puts it on there heart list, so it's easy to find if they want to play it again. They can also heart the author of the level, notifying them when that person publishes another level.

Final Decision
LBP is fun, brilliant, and cute. It's good for the hardcore who want to make an amazing level that will get th ousand of hearts & views. It's good for the casual who just want to play around and have fun in some of the user-created or developer levels. Looking for a game to get your mom, grandma, grandpa, or girlfriend into, that isn't on the Wii? Well here's your answer.

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