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The game is loading and you're just sitting there bored. How about a helpful tip? Some games give you tips while they load. These tips can include the area you're about to enter ( Borderlands), something about the game's universe ( Dragon Age: Origins), how to use the controls or more rarely something humorous ( Guitar Hero 3 wishes you good luck before starting "Through the Fire and Flames")

You know a game is taking its time to load when the loading screen gives you more than one tip, like in Just Cause 2. These tips often repeat themselves and point out the obvious, like the fact you can cook a grenade or gain levels. Occasionally the game throws in some in-world story bits within the loading screen such as Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine, whose loading screen, in additions to general advice, often features "thoughts of the day" from the Empire encouraging regime loyalties.Sometimes advice is also oupled with an image of what is being pointed out.

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