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Lucy Reubans is a native of Saxton. Her parents run a Haunted House during  local fairs. They are never seen on screen but are given a rather unflattering description. Her father has an unhealthy obsession with horse racing bets, her mother is an alcoholic. Her brother Alex is a police detective and can be seen investigating local crimes during the game. Not much else is known of her background, though she hints to a disturbing childhood experience within Harbour Cottage. The Cottage seems to be a crossroad of  supernatural activities and her experience may have been an early introduction to strange phenomena. 
In the game, Lucy returns to Saxton to visit her family and operate the Haunted House for the annual May Fair. She gets roped to first help Alex with his crime investigations and then Nigel with his ghost-hunting. She is rather reluctant at first to believe at ghosts. She soon learns to opperate the ghost-hunting equipment, serves as Nigel's partner in a number of his quests and ends the game hired alongside him by Hadden Industries.

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