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Nigel Danvers first appears as a secondary character in "Dark Fall:The Journal". He is one of two university students studying phenomena relating to hauntings. He and his partner Polly White  investigate the old Dowerton train station in Dorset   when they both go missing. The (unnamed) main character of the game has to find out what happened to them and other disappearance victims of the area. Hopefully to restore them to their proper place.
In the Lost Crown, Nigel is the protagonist. A few years older and apparently having finished his education, Nigel ended up employed by the mysterious Hadden Industries. He hacked into the computers of the company and run away with classified information. The next thing Nigel remembers is disembarking the Sleepwalker train at the SedgeMarsh Train Station. He soon makes his way on foot to the nearest town, Saxton.  
His activities in the game are part mystery investigation and part treasure hunting. His ultimate goal is discovering the lost crown of King Ganwulf. He tends to cut corners quite a bit and the game does require stealing a couple of artifacts. His determination does lead him to the lost crown. He realises too late that his greed may result in activating a millenia old curse, endangering Saxton and its population.

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