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Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (known in most regions as "Luigi's Mansion 2" and in Japan as "Luigi Mansion 2") is a comedy/horror action-adventure game developed by Next Level and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS on March 24, 2013. The sequel to the GameCube launch title Luigi's Mansion, players reprise the role of Luigi as he continues to hunt down ghosts with the Poltergust 5000 (Professor E. Gadd's ghost-trapping vacuum cleaner and the successor to the Poltergust 3000).

Along with a new control scheme made for the handheld console (including motion control), the game also introduces co-operative multiplayer (both local, including single card support, and online) for up to four players at a time (with each player as Luigi in a different-colored suit).


The game will require players to deal with multiple ghosts at the same time.

Much of the gameplay centers around the Poltergust 5000. By holding down the R button, players are able to suck in anything in Luigi's way, while holding down the L button pushes things out of Luigi's way. Capturing ghosts requires players to first shine a light on them by hitting the A button, temporarily stunning them. The longer the player holds down the A button, the bigger the flash of light will be, meaning that players can stun multiple ghosts if the flash is big enough. Then, the player must hold down the R button and direct the Poltergust in the ghost's direction. Each ghost has a certain number of hit ponts that make it harder to reel the ghost in (ghosts are effectively captured once their hit points reach zero). Players must point the 3DS's directional stick in the opposite direction of the ghost's movements. Once the ghost is out of hit points, players must hit the A button to suck the ghost in for good. Other ghosts can sneak up on Luigi as he is sucking in a ghost at which point players can hit the B button to backflip over the sneaky ghost (the B button is also used to sprint).

The vacuum cleaner can also be used for exploration. It can clear debris, revealing secret passages. It can also suck on curtains or levers, solving puzzles. The vacuum also comes equipped with a variety of gadgets. The strobulb releases a flash of light that paralyzes all enemies in the area for a short amount of time. By holding the A button down for a long amount of time, the strobulb releases more light in a greater area.The Dark Light Device (which can be activated by pressing Y) reveals hidden dark orbs in the environment which, once sucked in, make previously inaccessible areas in the environment accessible. Another ability Luigi now has, thanks to the 3DS's gyroscopes, is the ability to look at the environments's ceilings, revealing hidden collectibles.

Different ghosts have different amounts of health, and some ghosts must be scared out of hiding places before they can be captured. Brown ghosts, for example, have a large amount of health, while blue ghosts are extremely elusive. Ghosts aren't the only type of enemies in the game: mummies will also make an appearance.



Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon features local (supports single-card download-play with some as of yet unspecified restrictions) and online multiplayer for up to four people. But the mode can also be played alone by one player! The multiplayer portion offers various modes, one of them is called "Hunter" and has players cooperate to clear a tower of ghosts, called the ScareScraper. That tower can have an unlimited, player determined amount of floors.

Multiplayer End Stats Screen

While the main goal is achieved cooperatively, player also compete for coins, akin to The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords with a few "achievement" rewards at the end of the game, such as "MVP" or even just "Participator." When a floor has been cleared, red coins appear and players have to coordinate to collect them quickly and after that, a roulette game starts that favors players who collected more red coins.

The hunt is made harder by various booby traps that may cause a player to be cursed with reversed controls for a while and there are also plenty of secrets to find. Players can also upgrade their gear in E. Gadd's Vault to improve their chances of coming out on top.

The other modes have yet to be detailed.

Europe-Exclusive Offers

The Boo stress ball pre-order bonus

In Europe the game's cover art will have reflective highlights, and a Boo stress ball will be handed out as a pre-order bonus at select retailers.

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