What's the deal with Lumines?

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I have never played a Lumines game I was suprised to see it as the highest rated Vita launch title. I've never really gotten into Tetris either, so I was wondering if I would like this. What makes these games so great, and keeps people coming back for more?

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I read the title of this topic in Jerry Seinfeld's voice.

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Lumines, airplane food, its all the same.

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Good music, simple to play,hard to master puzzling. You can pick up the previous versions for pretty cheap now if you wanna give it a shot.

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I'm really not surprised at all. If the Vita version is anything like the original then it's a fantastic, simple puzzle game with intensely colourful visuals and an amazing, reactive soundtrack. Personally, it's far and away my favorite puzzle game since Tetris, although if you don't really like Tetris then the whole "slowly-falling-block-puzzle" thing might not be for you. If you have an Xbox then I'd check out the Lumines Live demo for an idea of the general concept. If not then maybe check it out in a store or try out the original if you get the chance?

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@SuperCabboy said:

Lumines, airplane food, its all the same.

I've watched Seinfeld from season 1 to 9 about TWENTY TIMES, he never mentioned airplane food ONCE, nor did he do it on any of his stand up videos on youtube.. Is that the joke I'm missing? Or did he actually complain about airplane food somewhere? 
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@AhmadMetallic There is one bit on the show where in George's mind he imagines Jerry saying "What's the deal with airplane peanuts?" but if anything the whole airplane food thing is just people mocking the absurdness of that basic observational comedy that emerged at the time. It's an example of a really dumb observational comedy routine, basically.
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Whats the etc
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It's colorful and the music is fantastic. That's the deal with Lumines. BOW BAH BAH BOW.

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Thanks guys, I might have to pick this one up

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It has awesome music, awesome and varied visuals, it's simple to understand, you can play it in short bursts or spend an entire afternoon on it, and most of all, it's addictive. Overall, it's what a great portable puzzle game should be.

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it has 4 am in it.... that's all you need to know

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It has really neat music and visuals but thats about it.

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I want it for the the phat beats

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Is it weird that whenever I look at the word, I can't make it sound like "Lu-mi-nes" in my head? I always think it should be "Loo-meens" or "Loo-mines."

Also, I should say that I'm not a fan of Lumines either. The only puzzle game for me is Meteos. Billions of deaths in every match. BILLIONS!

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It's not really like Tetris. It's just a cool new type of puzzle game.

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The comparison to Tetris only holds in that they're both staple puzzle games for a handheld systems. Tetris for the original GameBoy is legendary. Lumines can't touch that, but it's still a fantastic game. I'm enjoying Electronic Symphony on Vita.

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