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Mag Launcher is a 16-year-old adventurer explores the dungeons of Evolutia to become the best explorer in the lands, to restore the reputation to his family for treasure, and to get out of debt as well.


Mag Launcher is created by Ubisoft. He has no information on any inspirations or influences to create him. Mag Launcher first appears in Sega's Dream Cast game, Evolution: The World of Sacred Device. He makes another appearance in the game's sequel, Evolution 2: Far Off Promise, on the Dream Cast. His third appearance is on the Game Cube's Evolution Worlds which is the combination of the two Evolution games on the Dream Cast. Even though the Dream Cast's version of the games had no spoken dialogue for Mag Launcher, the Game Cube had spoken dialogue for the character. However, the voice actor for Mag on the Game Cube is unknown at the time.



Like Chain Gun, he is short tempered and is conscious about his height. He is loyal to his family and protects them from enemies. He is optimistic and believes everyone gets a second chance. For example, Mag tells Carcano to give back the Appraisal items back to the Society. Mag reassures Carcano that he won't be arrested if Carcano promises not to steal anymore.


Eugene and Linear Awakening Arc

In Pannam town, Mag and Linear begin their day by taking a job from the Society. They complete their job by taking down the boss monster in Blind Relics. After completing their job, Mag and Gre spend time with Linear. Mag discovers Linear has a healing powers; according to Gre, Linear feels bad for things dying around her. Also, he learns that Linear has master her ocarina. On the same day, Mag and Linear meet Eugene on his warship. Mag leaves the ship disgusted once Eugene has asked Linear to be his maid. The following day, Mag and Linear take another job at the Heavens Relic. Even though their day ends with a success, they find Gre bound and gagged by Eugene's troops. Mag attempts to leave with Linear as they get away from Eugene. However, Mag fails, and Eugene kidnaps Linear.

Powers and Abilities


Mag Launcher uses his Aeracomet, a Cyframe weapon, for his special skills. Like all Cyframe users, they have a wide set of techniques to use by equipping different Cyframe parts to their weapon.

1. Hand Parts - Mag has this parts at the beginning of the game. Mag uses his Aeracomet's fist.

  • Magna Punch - Attacks one enemy.
  • Magna Snap - Mag can attack up to 3 enemies in a row
  • Magna Combo - Attacks one enemy.
  • Mach Punch - After Mag lands an attack on an enemy, he moves up to the front of the line.
  • Dive Punch - Mag can attack all enemies
  • Magna Rave - Mag unleashes a barrage of attacks on one enemy.
  • Giant Knuckle - Mag attacks all enemies.
  • Magna Reverse - Mag attacks all enemies and knocks them back to the back of the line.

2. Hammer Parts - Mag has this part with him at the beginning of the game. Mag uses a hammer.

  • Magna Hammer - Attacks one enemy.
  • Crash Hammer - Attacks one enemy.
  • Swing Hammer - Attacks one enemy.
  • Strike Hammer - Mag attacks one enemy and sends them 1 rank back.
  • Trip Hammer - Attacks one enemy.
  • Bottom Hammer - Attacks one enemy.
  • Sledge Hammer - Mag attacks all enemies.

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