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Magnetica Twist (or Actionloop Twist as its know in Europe) is the Wiiware Incarnation of Puzz Loop from the Mitchell Corporation. Puzz Loop being the original game which inspired Zuma. The main difference between Puzz Loop and Magnetica Twist being that the action is controlled by twisting the Wii Remote to rotate the Cannon and its use of Mii's inside the Cannon.


The gameplay consists of shooting diffrent coloured balls towords a rolling through a set patten towords a goal. Matching three (or more) of the same coloured balls results in them dissapearing, and points for the player.of the Two balls of the same color are magnetically attracted to each other over any length of wide open space, and allowing for chains of disappearances to occur.. If the balls touch the goal then the level is over. There are power-up's to slow down balls, cause of balls of the same colour to dissapear or other effects. Uniuqe to the Wii version is a lob shot allowing the player to launch balls over a pathway to create match's on a pathway behind it.


Multiplayer is for up to 4 players and consists of co-operative or competative modes.

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