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In the far future, a new form of entertainment comes to prominence: arena combat of remotely controlled clone monsters. Mail Order Monsters Inc. will for a fee grow you your own Mail ORder Psychron Hero, or MORPH, and run it through combat exercises on any of their remote arena worlds.


There are three different difficulty levels. Free trial ( beginner ) gives you a pre-made MORPH and runs you through the basics of the combat. Rental ( Intermediate ) gives you a bunch of money to play through one round. Only Tournament ( Expert ) lets you keep your MORPH gain currency called Psychons and upgrades. Your character starts with a set amount of money to buy a new monster clone and outfit it for fighting.

Clone options include many kinds of giant creatures, including:

  • Tyro ( Tyrannosaurus )
  • Bronto ( Brontosaurus )
  • Homind ( Giant Humanoid )
  • Lyonbear
  • Arachnid ( Giant Spider )
  • Carnifern ( Carnivorous giant plant )
  • Worm
  • Squid
  • Amoeboid ( Giant Slime )
  • Crab
  • Wasp
  • Petrasaur ( Pteranodon )

Within each type you could spend money on buffs to stats or extra powers. Examples include better ways of navigating terrain like water breathing or burrowing, allowing access to other weapons with an extra set of hands, natural weapons or defenses with stinger or web or photosynthesis.

Weapon and equipment are wide and varied types of science fiction fare. From melee weapons (e-mace, sword), guns (autorifle, gas gun), even a few expensive launchers (grenades, missiles & bombs) that can destroy things from the map screen. Other equipment is a cheap way for a round to get temporary powers to let you fly with a jetpack, swim with an aqualung or just get other standard equipment like a medi-kit or star java. Except for the natural combat ability called Beastfu all the powers & equipment usually needs food, rounds or energy to use so it's best to set your gear to one type as you can't find ammo in the game.

In combat the players monster is placed on a randomly generated overhead view map. The player in map mode steers the monster with the controller and activates the menu with the fire button. When the player gets close to a goal or a opponent monster the action zooms in to a combat screen where the monster and a opponent can attack each other. In combat mode the fire button activates a combat ability, which could be equipment based or biological. All you need to do to disengage from combat is run to the edge of the combat screen with your opponent on the opposite edge and the player with go back to the map.

There are three different modes of combat, all of which can be played against another player or a computer controlled AI:

  • Destruction: The goal is to destroy your opponent or be the first to destroy 5 goal creatures on the map. These goal creatures are stationary on the main map but when encountered are controlled by other player directly.
  • Capture the Flag: The goal is to collect the 8 flags on the map in order. On top of the other players monster, player controlled guards defend each flag.
  • The Horde: A co-op mode where the two players have to keep a large group of tough enemies from reaching the bottom of the map screen. The player who destroys the most "hordlings" wins.

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