My Favorite C64 & Amiga Games

Not necessarily a list of C64 & Amiga exclusives, just games I played and enjoyed on the C64 & Amiga, and not really in any particular order.

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Posted by mozzis

Bungeling Bay: yes, that was really good. Played it a lot, too.

Fort Apocalypse & Below the Root: I sunk plenty of time into those.

Impossible Mission: title seemed apt.

Populous: if not for this game I would probably be a millionaire now; so much time spent there.

I like the story about me making company watch the opening of Shadow of the Beast.

Nice summaries, pretty funny. I was surprised at how many of the games were cracked, but I remember the "cracked by" logos you mention. Were we buying from disreputable sources?

  • I mean, it's not like we were downloading at that time.