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In this procedurally generated adventure which loosely inspired Id Software's Wolfenstein 3-D, you begin as a prisoner who has secured a pistol and are charged with stealing plans important for the allied forces and escaping the castle in which you are held.
You begin with only a few bullets, and must kill or hold up guards to steal their equipment, as well as unlock chests which sometimes take several minutes to unlock, all the while evading patrols and trying not to get shot.
You can collect bullet-proof vests, which help you during fire fight; a uniform that will help you to blend in with the sentries long enough to allow escape; keys which, as you collect them, increase the chance you will be able to open chests and doors; grenades, which are very powerful, sometimes disintegrating Nazi targets (or possibly yourself); also, saurkraut and bratwurst can be found.
This game's design discourages berserker-like attacks. With limited ammunition and the ability for guards to move between rooms, the player must be sensible about whom they attack and whom must be avoided, for the sake of survival. Only through smart decisions and luck can the player make it out alive.

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