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The home versions of the Predator videogame, based on the first feature film of the same name starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer, differed between platforms. For instance, whereas the NES version of Predator was a side-scrolling platforming action game where Dutch moved left and right, the Commodore 64 and other home computer versions featured an expanded movement plane which gave Dutch the ability to strafe up and down (a la P.O.W. or Double Dragon, et cetera) in addition to walking left and right.

NES Version

The NES version of Predator featured two different gameplay modes. When fighting through the regular jungle modes, the player will find themselves platforming and blasting various creatures in addition to confronting Predators. Once in a while, though, the game will enter a one-on-one Predator mode, which features much larger sprites. With very little actual level design (i.e. no platforming) to speak of, the one-on-one modes has the player shooting debris that comes their way in addition to shooting power-up orbs to upgrade their weapon. During these modes the player will also be engaged in a one-on-one confrontation with a single Predator.

Predator for the NES also featured branching paths which took the player through different sets of levels, though it was still necessary to play the same number of levels to complete the game. Curiously, any time after the first big branch in the paths (level 5), choosing to continue after a Game Over would send the player back to level 5, making the continue system late in the game practically useless.

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