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Original Box Art for the C64 version.


Forbidden Forest was an early example of a proto-survival-horror video game on the Commodore 64. It was programmed by Paul Norman for Cosmi in 1983.


The player takes the mantle of a brave archer who must fight his way through a creepy forest . The player is attacked by monsters such as giant spiders, giant bees, giant toads, demons and wizards. The player has a limited number of arrows per level and as such must carefully choose their shots.

Mood, Tone and Survival Horror Elements

Forbidden Forest was highly effective at creating a sense of tension through disturbing visuals (for the time), off putting yet catchy music and scenery that becomes increasingly darker. Elements that would become popular in survival horror that we can find in Forbidden Forest include: Monsters attacking suddenly, limited supply of ammunition and creating a sense of overwhelming odds. It is also an early example of the use of blood in video games.

The final scene in the game uses a clever mechanic where the enemy is invisible except when lightening strikes in the darkness, creating a very tense final encounter.


  • Parallax scrolling (Objects in the background moved slower than ones in the foreground as you moved left or right across a stage)
  • Context-Sensitive Music (changes based on events)
  • A real-time environment including day and night changes.
  • 4 Levels of Difficulty
  • 6 Stages

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