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Making History II: The War of the World is the next chapter in the Making History franchise and a direct sequel to 2007's Making History: The Calm & the Storm. The game was released on May 25, 2010, and is also be available as a digital download from major digital distributors including Stardock’s Impulse, Paradox Interactive's GamersGate, and Steam. Historian Niall Ferguson has been working closely with Muzzy Lane on Making History II (he is responsible for the added economic complexity found in the sequel).


Making History II is a turn-based, grand strategy game. In grand strategy games, the frenzy of controlling individual units is replaced with big-picture, high-level decisions on a national scale. So where strategy games usually resort to real-time gameplay -- leaving less time for deep thinking -- grand strategy favors lengthy turns and long-term goals.

Like its predecessor, Making History II allows players to make different choices than the ones seen in history books. Players can experience and witness chains of events that never occurred, adding a much greater degree of unpredictability to the gameplay. It also explains the franchise's moniker -- "Making History."


  • Play as any nation on an amazingly well rendered 3D world map
  • Hundreds of unique land, sea, and air units representing both major & minor powers of the era
  • Research an array of weapon systems & tactical improvements; repair, reinforce & upgrade existing forces
  • Fly air missions against a range of industrial & military targets
  • Extensive economic system covering production, resources, consumption, trade & wealth
  • Initiate infrastructure projects that modernize your nation and expand your economic potential
  • Construct weapons factories, shipyards, research labs & a variety of other buildings that add specific abilities to your cities & regions
  • Intelligent AI instigates, reacts and adapts to the changing game dynamics generating action on the home front and abroad
  • Each nation has a unique set of characteristics that influences behavior
  • Populations are divided by culture, ethnicity, religion and political ideology; factors that destabilize nations, provoking revolts, coups and civil wars
  • Manage your colonies, liberate new nations, establish puppet states or annex their territory
  • Engage in espionage & interfere in the internal affairs of your neighbors
  • New innovative Multiplayer system that will revolutionize strategy gaming

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