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Ayonae Ro

Malloy grew up on a farm in the western plains of Karana. His family was poor and could not afford to send all three of their children to school, so Malloy and his brother worked on the farm from a very young age. In the little free time that Malloy had, he would walk to Qeynos to recite poetry and play music with whatever items he could find. He was able to earn enough money to buy a good flute.

After becoming proficient in playing the flute, Malloy decided to make the trek to Freeport to live the life of a musician. On his journey, he was aware of a beautiful woman following him, but she did not speak. The mysterious woman would later come to him in Freeport and whisked him away to the Plane of Music. The woman turned about to be Ayonae Ro, the goddess of music. It was in this demi-plane that Malloy witnessed the most remarkable concert he would ever see and hear. The Maestra's voice was spellbinding. She appreciated Malloy's dedication to the craft and welcomed him to the Realm of Heroes.



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