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   Mao Mao in her alternate, Aero Fighters 2 outfit
Mao Mao is an upbeat and enthusiastic pop star, who in the first Aero Fighters dreams up her entire single player campaign. This trend continues through the series, slowly revealing that it is more than just a fantasy of hers. She wears a Japanese Air Defense uniform, but has an alternate (depending on your selected aircraft) costume in Aero Fighters 2.


Mao Mao pilots both an F-15 Eagle and M6A Seiran. Although the F-15 has higher speed and maneuverability, the Seiran has a
    Mao Mao and her F-15 Eagle in Aerofighters Assault 
much more powerful secondary bomb attack, surrounding the plane in an enemy destroying field. In Aerofighters Assault, she is unlock-able via a code at the title screen. Her F-15's attacks are not unique, but rather taken from various other selectable jets.


Mao Mao gets along well with most of the characters, with the exception of Arthur. She admires Angela and even starts a musical group with Cincia and Ellen. She also develops a crush on Hien, with their adventure being revealed as merely a movie production.

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