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Batali began his culinary career in a small pizza shop in New Brunswick, while he attended college nearby. He would serve various roles at other New England restaurants before being promoted to head chef at the prestigious Four Seasons Hotel in Santa Barbara California, making him the company's highest paid and youngest chefs. Batali left his position in 1989 in order to study in a traditional Italian restaurant in Borgo Caponne. After 4 years of studying traditional Italian cuisine, Batali returned to America to open his first restaraunt, as well as appear on various programs for the, at the time, fledgling Food TV Network. His most popular show, Molto Mario had run from 1997 to 2004, but ceased reairing in 2007, a move that sparked Batali's departure from Food Network. At this time, Batali is still affiliated with the Food Network, but has little appearance on air. He is currently heading up the Mario Batali Foundation, an organization focused on children's literacy, disease research, and hunger relief.

Batali is known for his signature look of a pony tail and bright orange croc shoes.

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