arclightborealis's Mario Kart 64 (Nintendo 64) review

By today's standards, not the best Mario Kart but close


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    Sorry fanboys 0

    My apologise as I can tell this review may probably piss people off. It's not that I am not a Mario Kart fan, in fact I am a huge one, but Mario Kart 64 just doesn't deliver what it should. I absolutely loved the original for the SNES but my love for this classic Nintendo spinoff series doesn't stop there. The gameboy, gamecube, DS, and Wii versions of Mariokart were all great and adictively fun to play. In Mario Kart 64 it sure was nice to see the series being displayed in full 3D glory but wit...

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    Racing in bland blurry tracks is quite a bit of fun 0

    Mario Kart 64 took the all fun kart racing genre from 2D up to 3D, and in a sense not really all too 3D. It was the first of the genre to really move up in terms of graphics away from the flat style of Super Mario Kart. Released in 1997, and even packed in with a controller, it was one of the first great 4 player games, and was a lot of fun if you had 3 other friends to play with.  Mario Kart 64 has pretty much the same modes and features that Super Mario Kart had, such as Grand Prix in 50cc, 10...

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