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The Mario vs. Donkey Kong franchise is a series of titles that depicts the continuation of Mario's long-standing rivalry with Donkey Kong.  The first game in the series, the GBA title Mario vs. Donkey Kong, was in actuality a remake of the 1994 Game Boy edition of Donkey Kong.  The franchise is also the first to see regular appearances of Pauline, one of the very first damsels-in-distress in video games, since her appearance in the 1994 title.

March of the Minis

Beginning with Mario vs. Donkey Kong 2:  March of the Minis, the gameplay shifted from that of a puzzle-based platformer to a style more reminiscent of the game Lemmings.  Rather than control Mario directly, the player instead must guide Mini-Mario wind-up toys through the various stages to give chase and eventually battle with Donkey Kong.

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