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Aside from his duties as a trainer at Leatherfoot Hall in Rivervale, Marshal Anrey is the commander of the most elite group of halfling warriors in all of Norrath. These special ops warriors are tasked with some of the most dangerous missions imaginable, including infiltration of Neriak, the dark elf city. For those wishing to join the ranks of this elite group of the Guardians of the Vale must venture far from home and return with the skins of an alligator, a grizzly bear, a polar bear, and a shark. Members of the Leatherfoot Raiders all wear a leather cap that can magically and instantly transport them to the druid ring in the Commonlands, which obviously is highly useful in dire situations.




  • Guardians of the Vale
  • Mayor Gubbin
  • Merchants of Rivervale
  • Storm Reapers

Opposing Factions

  • Dreadguard Outer

Related Quests

  • Leatherfoot Raiders

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