What characters are you playing as?

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#51 Posted by sdharrison (519 posts) -

Daredevil played very smooth and has solid AOE and defense. Plowed through a chunk of chapters without dying or using many health kits. Only downside is, he's bland. You're a dude hitting dudes with batons.

#52 Edited by demonbear (1931 posts) -

@soap said:

The Thing... like almost everyone else it seems.

Exactly. I cannot wait for another hero to drop so I can switch to something more original.... the fact that items don't show on your character really diminish the fun out of those games.

#53 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (5027 posts) -

Those folks who want a quick preview of heroes before paying, I found looking up "Marvel Heroes Leveling Guide" into youtube has some good quick tutorial vids of the strengths and weaknesses of each character. Though I totally agree if they are charging as much as 20 bucks for a character they need to allow people to preview them before paying.

#54 Edited by Universalize (188 posts) -

@i_stay_puft: the heroes changed so much since they made those videos

#55 Edited by Monkeyman04 (1536 posts) -

I'm playing as...Wait for it...The Thing!

#56 Posted by tread311 (376 posts) -

Thing and Daredevil so far. Haven't decided if I'm going to play enough to pay for a character I really like yet.

#57 Edited by gaftra (187 posts) -

@breadfan: They do exist as rare drops in game. That being said I am sure they are UUUUUUUUUULTRA rare.

#58 Posted by Gnubberen (826 posts) -

I have been playing The Punisher. He's pretty cool so far... That armor piercing shot is pretty damn good.

#59 Edited by kishinfoulux (2856 posts) -

Well decided to unlock Cable. Gamble paid off. He's really fun. Shooting dudes with my gun and using psychic powers is the way to go. Plus he's one of the cheaper characters ($9) so hurray for him not being as popular as Iron Man. Actually surprised Thor is only $12. Figured with the Avengers/Thor movies shine he'd be a bit more.

#60 Posted by LeYcH (221 posts) -

I don't know the Marvel Universe well besides Superman and Batman, hehe. I chose Scarlet Witch, I had never even heard of her.

I hope that was a joke.

Yeah I chose Scarlet Witch, level 14 and she plays like a beast

#61 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (5027 posts) -

Well decided to unlock Cable. Gamble paid off. He's really fun. Shooting dudes with my gun and using psychic powers is the way to go. Plus he's one of the cheaper characters ($9) so hurray for him not being as popular as Iron Man. Actually surprised Thor is only $12. Figured with the Avengers/Thor movies shine he'd be a bit more.

I would only get Cable if I could also get his 90's costume as a package deal. Those shoulder pad things look ridiculously good.

#62 Posted by TheHT (12567 posts) -

figured daredevil would suit my tastes, and he absolutely does. right off the bat you get a really fun jump attack you can use to dodge. after the prologue i got scarlet witch, and she's ok.

#63 Posted by SkankinPacman (109 posts) -

I've been playing as The Punisher and its pretty awesome.

#64 Posted by Barrabas (340 posts) -

I went with Cyclops. Would have gone with the Human Torch but he isn't in the game yet. Turns out I'm liking Cyclops quite a bit so it's not that big of a deal.

He has that same shield ricochet shot that Captain America has except it's an eye laser of course. And Jeff's right, that move is pretty great. Especially since it's a basic attack and doesn't cost any energy meter.

#65 Posted by Phatmac (5921 posts) -

Should I buy The Punisher? He seems like he'd be rad.

#66 Posted by Universalize (188 posts) -

@phatmac: he's a glass canon. good dps but easily killed

#67 Posted by TooManyDecibels (3 posts) -

I keep rotating between Ms. Marvel, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and Black Panther.

#68 Posted by Cleron (33 posts) -

I went with Storm, was not exactly fun until level 16 where I picked up gear that allowed me to use lvl 20 ability's like Lightning storm, Lightning Column & unlocked Chain Lightning. At that point things got a lot better. Storm has AOE to burn, but it's a bit boring getting her to that point.

Finished the campaign last night (lvl25), but only had 1 other player to take down Doom with, must have died 30 odd times in that fight. The poor DD fighting with me got ass whooped every time he pushed into melee range, and by the time we were half way through the second phase I just gave up on trying to kite & went "full retard". Shaved a good 15 minutes off the fight though, so well worth it, but next time it's a full group or I'm GTFO.

I'm not sure I'll keep playing at this point. I'd like to play either Thor or Hulk, but frankly the character drop rates don't sound all that good, and I don't see a lot of replay potential, so spending money at this point seams like a waste. Maybe if things were a little cheaper, but 12 bucks for Thor & another 13 if I want a different costume. It's not exactly bad by F2P standards, but the game feels less solid then I thought it would.

#69 Posted by liako21 (555 posts) -

Wolverine. I'm having fun with it. Definitely funner than Hawk Eye

#70 Edited by demonknightinuyasha (516 posts) -

I decided to approach this game as a retail game not as a free to play MMO. I ended up doing the founders pack for Iron Man but that is all the money I'm putting into it unless they give me a good reason to. Between what it came with and the credit it came with (which because of early launch issues I ended up with more in credit than I actually paid into it) I was able to get the other characters I wanted (Spiderman and Black Widow), and a bunch of crafting and extra storage pages (probably actually went a little overboard on that even since I bought the character ones, 2 extra general storage, and the 2 extra crafting storage) and I still have G left in my account in case I decide I really need a retcon potion or something.

The individual pricing on the heroes and costumes are crazy though.

#71 Edited by Robo (847 posts) -

In order from most played to least played: Hulk, Iron Man, Spider Man, Captain America, Storm, Jean Grey, Ms. Marvel, Scarlet Witch.

Got the Avengers founders pack because it was a good deal if you broke down the pricing of this stuff. Closer to what pricing should be. Then I bought Jean Grey with credits in that pack because Phoenix is just too badass looking, picked Storm as my free character, got Scarlet Witch as a quest reward, then paid a couple bucks extra to cover the remaining difference for Spidey.

Wasn't really planning on spending much more money after that and about 60 hours in, I haven't spent one cent.

Although I also haven't seen a single character or costume drop, even with as much rarity/special drop boosting gear as I can muster. Just two fortune cards that were both experience boosters.

I do wish the costumes and gear was handled differently. Sort of in a way that made gear somewhat visible. Like certain combinations of attributes or variations of gear would grant you slightly different costume variants, although the most complete costume differences could still be locked up for real money/random extremely rare drops.

I mean, I don't recall Iron Man's head ever being on fire Ghost Rider-style. If they can allow that, why can't they give him slightly different coloring because of some rare set you have?

Also, the prices for characters/costumes/bank slots are too damn high. $20 for a popular character? Characters shouldn't break much more than $10 for the most popular ones, and costumes damned sure shouldn't go higher than $5, especially if they aren't enhanced in any way. They are going about the pricing the wrong way by charging a premium hoping to make a killing even though the sales are fairly mild instead of actually making a killing when more people buy more stuff because it's much easier to justify. But maybe they'll come down over time. We'll see.

#72 Posted by I_Stay_Puft (5027 posts) -

Thought I'd bump this thread since it sounds like this game has gotten some new found life with it's latest reboot and Jeff mentioning it during the podcast. Currently I've been playing more of Psylocke and Deadpool and I must say I really been enjoying Deadpool as a character. While not one of my favorite characters in the marvel universe he none the less has some of the more unorthodox moves sets that makes me keep wanting to level him up to 60.

Speaking of characters I've also been rolling with Firestar team-up hero, been using her as a pack mule to carry stuff and it's actually been pretty fun farming for eternity splinters with her. I just stand in a pretty crowded area I know I probably won't die since Deadpool can regenerate health and just have Firestar do all the work. I leave for an hour and check up on the game to see if Firestar fighting has dropped any eternity splinters for me.

#73 Posted by Sharpless (479 posts) -

I got Luke Cage from the Gamespot giveaway, and I absolutely love him. A really fun high-DPS hero with some very tanky summons. And he has an elbow drop and can conjure a car out of thin air and throw it at dudes. Sold!

I also bought the X-Force pack during the Steam sale. Deadpool is very fun, though he's somewhat limited in the AoE department. Cable is a bit complicated, as he balances energy and mental damage and is heavy on DoT attacks. He's generally fun though. Colossus, on the other hand, is not complicated at all: Throw your weight around and smash shit. Also a lot of fun.

I'm looking at Iron Man next.

#74 Posted by Thwip (35 posts) -

I recently got back into playing this game and I've basically been sticking to playing Captain America since he's just a lot of fun to play. My main powers are Shield Bounce, Airborne Assault, and Heroic Charge and my gear has really good health regeneration and defense. He really just destroys mobs and Heroic Charge makes it easy to get out of the way if I start taking too much damage.

I'm at level 56 now and I'm just trying to max him out. I got Spider-Man recently so I am going to move on to him next, although I may take a little break since I've been playing so much to max out Cap lately.

#75 Edited by Perdido (69 posts) -

I have recently finished getting both Hulk and Captain America up to 60 so I am currently wrecking shop as Squirrel Girl, and once I get her to 60 I'll be switching over to Deadpool or Iron Man.

Also, @kishinfoulux there is a way to test out your Heros before buying, but you would need to download the Test Client from the Marvel Heroes website. Once its installed and booted up the store in the test client has most if not all heros for sale at 1 G and you are provided with 5k Gs to purchase heroes with.

#76 Edited by Entreri10 (483 posts) -

My main guy is Iron Man who is currently in the mid twenties my secondary is Colossus although I did end up getting Wolverine and Ms Marvel with the buy obe get one sale, so I plan on using them a lot as well.

#77 Posted by The_Ruiner (1364 posts) -

Luke Cage.

#78 Edited by I_Stay_Puft (5027 posts) -

Finally saved up enough eternity splinters for Loki. That Enhanced Female Loki costume I got free in the recent bogo costume sale finally has a home.

Oh yeah for relevancy sakes here's Star-Lord with team up hero Groot.

Two more heroes to get up to 60!

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