Spider-Man 2

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Will there ever be a MARVEL game as good as this one? I remember the swinging was fantastic, the side missions were pretty fun, there was lots to do and find even if the main game was bit boring, the scope and potential this game had showed that there could be a lot done with the Spider-Man franchise, only it was too busy being a film tie-in to actually stand out.

So I ask, now that the Spider-Man films are pretty done and dusted (for the time being), do you think there will be a definitve Spidey, or for that matter any MARVEL hero, game on the horizon?

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I haven't played Marvel Ultimate Alliance (although it came with my XBOX 360), but I've heard that gives it a run for its money. Anyway, Spider-man 2 was an excellent game, I loved it. It was also rare for both the game and the movie being great.

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Yeah, I heard MARVEL Ultimate Alliance is pretty good, but my friend has it and says it plays like a suped up version of X-Men Legends, which I thought was alright at best, so i'm unsure.

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Marvel alliance 2 looks amazing

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Ultimate Spiderman was the best spiderman game in my opinion

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Falkien said:
"Ultimate Spiderman was the best spiderman game in my opinion"
Agreed. I hate playing as Venom though.
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true.. but the storyline was very unique and well done. The movie games were horrible...

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Spiderman web of shadows is just around the corner and that is completely based off the comics

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