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Mavda is one of the few remaining members of the Vestra tribe, an enigmatic and generally mistrusted race of nomadic shamans and merchants. She encounters Elena and Aeron shortly after Elena is cursed and escorts them to the Scar, as she is one of the few who knows how the curse operates. In order to bring Elena back to normal, Aeron has to defeat the masters of the towers around the Scar and bring back their master flesh for Elena to eat. During the couple's stay at the Observatory tower, she remains a constant if suspicious source of advice and material goods.

As well as buying and selling items, she can also alchemize new items and fix ones that have been broken. These tasks are performed by "the Old Man", the creature she carries around in a giant pot on her back. Though little is said about the Old Man, since he only speaks a language Aeron can't understand, it's eventually made clear that he is Mavda's husband and was at one point a human being. Though fixing items costs a fixed amount depending on the item, all alchemizing is free - Aeron only needs to provide the correct ingredients.

Mavda's interested in items from the towers, but she specifically asks for information (the notes that are found all over the towers and Observatory) and excess monster meat. She'll pay a high price for both, even throwing in bonus items for larger hauls of meat.

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