Max Payne 3 SNES remix

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Hey guys!

Huge fan of the games, absolutely love the soundtrack to the third game. So I paid tribute to it in a series I'm doing called SNES Generation.

It's a mix of the theme and the song Tears (with a little of Future at the beginning) done with Contra 3 sounds for the SNES.

It's more of a cover compared to my other works but it was fun to make, hope you guys enjoy. Subscribe if you're a fan!

I should mention this is part of SNESology, lots of cool people making new SNES tunes


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rad, thanks man.

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That is absolutely awesome.

Great work, dude.

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Sounds good dude, keep it up

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Fucking A.

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Preetteh pretteh preetteeeh gooooood.

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Pretty damn fantastic for a first post! Nice work!

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Love it! Awesome job.

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Ah thanks guys wasn't expecting such a warm response. Really appreciate it!

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It's good stuff- did you make that box art?

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Lol, this is great. The song-mixing is awesome!

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Great track.
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This is pretty damn legit, man. Good job. :D

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@TooWalrus said:

It's good stuff- did you make that box art?

I can't take credit for Rockstar's awesome art work haha I just used the soundtrack cover over a box art shot and removed the image/developer logos.

Did you plug the song into a music generated game Funzzo? Lol made me laugh.

Thanks guys, man this forum is so nice. I'm gonna keep on with this series though and do Skyrim next.

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Pretty badass

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That's pretty fucking awesome! Love it!

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