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Much like pain killers, this game is addictive.

Having not played the other Max Payne games, I wasn't to sure what to expect from this. After putting the disc in and watching the first cutscene, I knew I was in for something special. I'll break this down into a few different sections to talk about each part.


I love the presentation that the game has and the feel it gives to the game. The first thing you notice about the cutscenes is the amazing style to them. Just watching the quick look you can see some cool things. The way the camera will sometimes double up (can't really think of the term.) Or the way that certain words will appear as they are said adds a really cool flair to the scenes and gives it a really unique feel. The doubling effect can also carry over into game play, such as when Max pops some pills to recover health. Speaking of which...

Game play

Shoot dodging... It's badass!
Shoot dodging... It's badass!

I love the way Max handles. He may feel a little slow at points but it gives the feel of movement to the character. He's a man out of his prime and out of shape. When he runs you can hear him huff and wheeze and when you shoot dodge (that is a real term) and hit the floor Max has trouble getting back to his feet. That could easily have detracted from the game play but I feel it adds to Max's character and state of mind. The button set up is a bit strange. Not your regular cover based set up. (B is reload, X is take cover) but once you get used to it, by the end of the first level really, it's not to bad. Having to earn Bullet Time is a great idea. You can either take a risk and shoot dodge, which gives you slow mo to kill some dudes but leaves you in the open once it is over, or take cover and earn bullet time from being shot at in cover or killing people gives a great risk/reward feeling to the game. Also it looks badass. It also feels nice to not have recharging health even if they don't really give warning when you are about to die. (No screen blur or audio cue) It's great having pain killers as health as it adds to Max's character and is even used as a plot device.


Another amazing story from the minds at Rockstar
Another amazing story from the minds at Rockstar

One thing you have to give Rockstar credit for is the ability to ALWAYS make a compelling, topical or sometimes just amazing story. Each game they create makes you feel involved with the characters, laugh when they do, feel angry or hurt when they betray you and even sad when someone dies. Each they make can touch you. The story for Max Payne 3 is a little hard to follow at times. A lot of different factions and characters that are important to the plot who only appear for a few scenes and you are meant to remember them for later. However on a second playthrough you can instantly start connecting the dots and seeing how it all fits together. Combine the story with A+ voice acting, some of Max's line especially are voiced perfectly and the actor has done a great job portraying Max, and cutting edge visuals create an amazing experience that left me purposely postponing playing for fear of it ending to soon!

I've never quite played a game like Max Payne 3, the unique mechanics of shoot dodging, pill popping, alcohol fuelled action blends together an experience that you won't want to end. I think Max Payne 3 is an amazing game and worthy of your time. Add to that a fun and exciting multiplayer mode and your ready for an incredible experience. Definitely give this game a go!

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