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Max (or Maximillian) is the protagonist of Renegade Kid's downloadable 3DS title, "Mutant Mudds".

In the original incarnation of the game, shown off by the developers at E3 2009, Max had a cannon that fired a continuous stream of water, similar to FLUDD from Super Mario Sunshine. When the game transitioned to, and was finally released in retro 2D, the cannon was changed to a pea shooter-style weapon.

Max is also capable of hovering thanks to his jetpack.

Both his gun and his jetpack can be upgraded at his granny's shop during his adventure.

Max is shown with shaggy blond hair, spectacles, and black shorts. He does sport one costume change: Upon completing the game, you can elect to play through it again with Max wearing his granny's clothing. (Or you're actually playing as his granny herself; it's hard to tell.)

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