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Maximum Surge was an FMV game being developed by Digital Pictures to be released on the Sega Saturn, 3DO, PC, and Mac platforms.

The ESRB Listing

According to an interview done with Steve DeFrisco, Maximum Surge was almost fully completed, but was ultimately cancelled when Digital Pictures ran out of money and went out of business. The game was far enough along in development to receive a rating from the ESRB.


In Maximum Surge the main character is an unidentified soldier that must help Jo defeat the evil Drexel. Drexel is trying to replace all of humanity with evil cyborgs.


Maximum Surge had many big name stars at the time involved in filming the FMV scenes.

Yasmine Bleeth
  • Jo
Walter Koenig
  • Drexel
Michael Champion
  • Wolf
Christopher Doyle
  • Ugly
John Escobar
  • Vendor
Andy Hirsch
  • Codec
Michael Jace
  • Stark
Timothy Scott Ralston
  • Ugly #1
Scott Rogers
  • Ugly #2
Spice Williams
  • Amazonian


A demo for the PC version of Maximum Surge was released on a Digital Pictures demo compilation disk for Windows 95.

Game Over

Game Over DVD Cover

In 2003 a company named Insight Film and Video Production used footage, along with four other FMV games from Digital Pictures in a movie titled Maximum Surge the Movie. The movie was later released in the US on DVD under the title Game Over.

The plot of the movie involves a super computer being integrated into a video game network. The programmer who designed the games must then go into the virtual world and defeat the games or else there will be a world wide crash of information.

The five different games in which footage was pulled from are:

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